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激光 “CapSure” 显微切割以分离组织中的细胞

(MMI CellCut)

基于毛细管的单细胞选择性分选(MMI CellEctor)

激光光镊定量生物力(MMI CellManipulator)

显微镜集成的全玻片(细胞)成像(MMI CellScan)

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“The MMI CellScan supports us in our daily work: this tool documents our tissue sections in high resolution and it fully integrates in our laser microdissection workflow. We especially appreciate that we can annotate directly in the image thus saving hands-on time at the instrument.”
Prof. Dr. med. Danny D. Jonigk FRCPath
Pathological Institute Hannover
Medical School; Hanover

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