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Would you like to know more about our MMI CellCut Laser Microdissection, CellEctor Capillary Cell Pick or CellScan Whole Slide Imaging systems? Call us today and book your online demo!

We will set up an online meeting room and you will be able to meet us online at the instrument. During the online demo, you will experience how our systems are working: you will be able to view the instrument and watch the microscope stage including the sample, as well as collection tubes or capillaries. If suitable, you can send us your sample and we will run the demo with your own specimen. Our equipment will also allow you to work on our systems remotely from your desk, so you will experience how easy it is to cut tissue, to pick cells or to scan whole slide images.

Don’t miss the chance to experience our systems in a free online demo! Contact us today!

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